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Sun Shore Systems Limited

The vision to make solar power affordable, accessible, and prevalent in different countries and main aim is to focus developing, EPC and Trading of Solar Components in UK, Europe, and African Countries. The company has a strong capability on one stop solution for Electrical Consultancy, design and engineering with strong focus on building durable, long lasting, high performance solar power plants.

We Offered

We are providing the completed energy solution, which include the Consultancy Services for installation of Solar Power plants, complete Design of grid connected rooftop and ground mounted plants, Detailed project report and financial documentation for loan process, PVsyst Analysis, Installation & Commissioning of ON-Grid rooftop and ground mounted solar power plants, Project Management Solution, Testing and Plant Audit, OFF-Grid Hybrid Solar Power plants with Battery Storage System, EV Solution for domestic and Commercial applications, Operation and Maintenance of solar power plants. We are also providing the Smart Energy Management solution for optimal energy utilization with advance AI technology for domestic and commercial.

Financial Consultancy

Most of the solar clients are looking for project financial assignment for new projects. Our team is supporting to clients for raise an adequate funds from India and Abroad. Our skilled team is providing the financial services for Ground Mounted and Rooftop solar PV projects in India and Abroad.


Concept of commercialization ,our designs, engineering, procurement, installation and integration of ON-Grid and OFF-Grid, Hybrid solar power plant. It will also get the plant certifications and statutory clearances for smooth operation of the project as per country electrical law.


The maintenance is the major challenge for rooftop project in many countries. It is time consuming task for supplier after raising the complaint due to more travel time. We have tie-up with our local teams. Our skilled team providing online support for analysis fault with our local team for minimize the shutdown time.

Supply Chain

Sun Shore Systems provides the Supply of Solar Power plant components, EV Chargers, and Smart Meters for Energy Management solutions. They signed the agreements with top manufacturing companies in India and China for supply for material. Sun Shore systems is providing the warranty for supply for material on behalf of the manufacturers. Sun Shore Systems has warehouses in the United Kingdom, Africa, and Canada for storing the material.

EV Charging Station

PV Modules

Module Mounting structure

Energy Management

EMS is one of the crucial areas for optimum energy uses as the cost of power is increasing day by day. Sun Shore Systems is providing the smart energy solution for domestic and commercial applications. The system is designed based on the advanced Artificial technology solutions. The focus of EMS or SHS (smart home system is to monitor, control and save energy.

Smart Home

Smart Analysis

Demand Control


Testimonials are a powerful tool for the growth of an Industry, and it showcase how their products or services have improved their clients’ lives.

"Sun Shore given the services for design and DPR preparation for 10MW ground mounted project. Sun Shore Team members are provided the excellent design and documents for financial approval of the project."

-VS Technical Solutions-

"We are happy from Sun Shore Systems for consultancy work for upcoming 20MW project. Under consultancy services they provided the best design and reports along with financial calculations."

-SMSS Enterprises-

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